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God called Bishop Pritchett to begin his missionary work in Haiti 40 years ago, little did he know that this calling would become the heart of his ministry. Upon arriving in Haiti, Bishop Pritchett recognized the urgent need for assistance. He worked alongside the late Mother Eleanor Workman for over 26 years, serving at the Church of God in Christ orphanage, providing food and clothing to countless individuals.

In addition to his work in Haiti, Bishop Pritchett also supports pastors in the United States, offering assistance and guidance for their local and international missions. Over the years, he developed strong relationships with the people of Haiti and gained their respect for his unwavering support for their country. His influence extended to biblical training and conferences held in Port de Plata, where men would travel for days to attend, eager to be under his leadership.

Bishop Pritchett's impact expanded to the Dominican Republic, where he partnered with a hospital, providing much-needed medical supplies and support. On Dec. 13, 2005, the Bishop, Reverend Cooper, Deacon Stephan Lawson, Deacon Kenneth Farmer, Bro. Lenny Smith and Bro. Nelson Feagin took another trip down south to St. Joseph, Louisiana to aid more hurricane victims. With the support of the church and the community, the men were able to bless the victims of the storm. Our efforts were recognized by the Mayor of St. Joseph, who declared a day in honor of Faith Tabernacle Community Church. 

Under Bishop Pritchett's leadership, Faith Tabernacle Community Church has been actively involved in disaster relief efforts across the United States. His dedication to missions and his love for God and people have left a global impact, making the missions department of Faith Tabernacle Community Church highly respected and sought after.

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