Women’s Ministry

The women’s department plays a very important role in the church. We are to the church and pastor what a wife is to her husband.

The Church of God in Christ holds that women are helpers to the ministry. So we are spirit-filled, dedicated and well informed devout women capable of conducting affairs of the church, both administratively and spiritually.

We are willing to do special duties for others, such as prayer, fasting, visiting the sick, preparing women for baptism, assisting in the administration of this ordinance, and taking communion.

We go about doing good deeds within and without the church. First and foremost, women of God should be willing to be servants.

The women’s department consists of various auxiliaries, such as the Usher Board, Hospitality, and Women’s Board.

Women make up about 85 percent of the church, which makes them the majority. So it’s necessary for us to work in the church, and to help raise funds to support the church and the ministry.


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